welcome to ASPEQ


ASPEQ delivers high stakes assessment tools and services to regulatory agencies and awarding bodies. We have over twenty years’ experience in the development and delivery of high stakes assessments in the Asia Pacific region, including New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom and Macau. We work through our network of subsidiaries that are responsible for the local management and delivery of specialist assessment services in their country of operation.

High stakes assessment is the process by which candidates book and sit their exams or undertake their assessments. The process has to ensure an accurate and contestable result that will qualify candidates for the licenses and other qualifications they are seeking. Typically such assessments have a public safety or protection objective eg pilot licences in the aviation sector.

Building upon a strong aviation focus, we have grown to serve the wider transport, construction and financial services industries. The name ASPEQ is built on the component words “Assessment” and “Specialists”, which explains what we do.