Our support extends beyond the exams themselves

We think of ourselves as your examination and assessment partner. Our relationship focuses on ensuring that, together, we provide a robust, fair, and contemporary examination system that assesses the skills and knowledge that people in your industry should have. Our support offers three main areas:

  • 1

    Examination support

    We have been developing, supporting, and maintaining question banks for more than 28 years. We have developed a range of workflows and processes to ensure that your questions are effectively managed, and the structure of your examinations are fully tested and correct. By setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for question performance, we can identify if a question needs to be reviewed. Our monitoring, review and refinement of examination questions includes:

    • Identifying questions with a too high or low pass rate
    • Identifying questions that are not discriminating between candidates correctly
    • Looking at the performance of individual questions within the context of the overall examination format
    • Assessing the fairness of individual examinations

  • 2

    Round the clock international customer service

    Our in-house Customer Support team monitors the delivery of all your examinations around the world. Our team can help you with all enquiries and issues, including online and telephone support for candidates. We offer in-house and one-on-one training for exam invigilators, administrators, and implementation teams. We also capture candidate feedback and undertake regular customer surveys.

  • 3

    Technical support

    So much about the examination and assessment environment today hinges on software and technology. We offer 24/7 monitoring and support for our systems, including disaster recovery, security, and upgrade management.

Always there for you

At Aspeq, we pride ourselves on delivering the full range of support that our customers need. We worry about the details, so you don’t need to.

For a no-obligation discussion on how we can help support you to deliver examinations that keep your industry safe through ensuring that everyone is appropriately qualified, please contact Mike Lynskey, our Head of Client Services.





Mike Lynskey Head of Client Services Phone: +64 4 913 9710 Email Mike
Aspeq team members
Mike Lynskey Head of Client Services Phone: +64 4 913 9710 Email Mike
Aspeq team members